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Wilke’s Extra Sweet Acres, LLC

Vegetables grown just for you!

We currently have approximately 60 acres devoted to growing vegetables.  We try to provide as many vegetables as possible for the entire growing season.  No amount is too large or too small.  We can handle orders for freezing or canning.

We have the following vegetables available:

Asparagus                                      Peas- regular & edible pod

Rhubarb                                         Beans- green, string, or yellow

Strawberries                                   Tomatoes- green, red, yellow, pear, & grape

Onions- green and dried                 Peppers- many varieties

Carrots                                           Cucumbers- slicers & pickling

Beets                                              Summer Squash

Radishes                                         Winter Squash- all your favorites

Kohlrabi                                         Pumpkins- pie & Jack O’ Lanterns

Spinach                                          Broccoli

Cauliflower                                     Cabbage


And of course..our famous Sweet Corn-  Super Sweet Bi-color, yellow & white

We also start and grow many vegetable plant varieties for sale each spring in our greenhouses.  We are especially well known for our tomato plants

You can find our farm fresh veggies at the following locations:

Wausau Farmers Market

River Drive, Wausau

Wednesdays & Saturdays, May-Oct.

400 Block Market

Downtown Wausau

Thursdays, May-Sept

St Germain Flea Market

Hwy 70, St Germain

Mondays, June-Sept

Our farm on Hwy W in Wausau


Call for availability at 675-6748

Rib Mountain Across from Fazoli’s

Daily, July-Sept.

Tours of our vegetable fields are welcome, just call ahead for an appointment

5 thoughts on “Vegetables & Produce

  1. Are you currently selling pumpkins? I was told it is $20 for a pickup truck or trailer load. If this is true, how late in the evening can I stop and pick some up?

  2. I am looking to purchase 40-50 dozen ears of sweet corn for Sept. 6. Do you feel this will still be in season and available?

  3. We want to freeze sweet corn and are wonder ping your price for 2014. Looking for about 20 dozen ears.

  4. Could I order 2 bushels of pickling cucumbers for Saturday. 1 to 3 inches would be great. Email or phone call would be great. 7026109060

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